Experienced Adoption Attorney

Congratulations on considering adopting a child in Alabama. Raising and caring for a child is one of the most rewarding, yet demanding duties an adult can undertake. By your side throughout the entire process, Debbie Long assists prospective parents understand the qualifications for adopting a child in Alabama and guides them through the process of adding your new family member.

Feel free to schedule your free initial consultation online today. You may also call our us at 256.614.4906 to learn more about our adoption services.

Adoption Criteria

To qualify for adoption in Alabama, you must meet four criteria that includes:

Be 19 years of age or older

Consent to a background check

Be in good psychological and physical health

Be able to provide housing and care for a child

Debbie Long’s goal in all adoption cases is to provide exceptional, personal service and obtain quick and favorable results.

Adoption Options

There are many options available for adopting a child in Alabama. This includes adopting a child from welfare agencies or state-run child services organizations, stepparent or family adoptions, as well adoptions between consenting adults.

In addition, Debbie Long understands the complex rules for adopting a child who resides out of state. These adoptions are governed by the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC). Contact Debbie Long today if you want to explore the adoption of a child residing outside the state.